Rotating the pelvis while running

I have a running animation. The character just runs forward. I need to rotate the pelvis 45 degrees without creating a new animation, but the legs should still run straight. How to do it?

I’m not sure how you’d achieve that without creating a new animation to be honest.

clarify a bit more. you want your legs to run straight but your hips to be twisted? This seems odd.
or are you trying to get a 45 degree Foreward Left or Forward Right Run with upper body pointing straight?

While moving forward, my body turns 45 or 90 degrees (for example, horizontal strikes with a sword) and the pelvis is straight. In order for the movement to look natural, I need to turn the pelvis.

Learn animation or use mocap.
Your pelvis doesn’t move when you swing a sword and move at the same time.

You probably mean something different - we just have no idea what.

The pelvis doesn’t move when I swing the sword that’s right. This is done in many games, for example, Chivalry 2 or Mordhau. Because the legs can go in any direction, and the blows with the sword are always made in front of you. In these cases, the pelvis is moved using other motion tweens. That’s why I’m asking, is it possible to move the pelvis without creating another animation? Probably not.

The way you are describing things, I think maybe you want an Aim Offset.
Not sure really.

If you play a montage on a slot you’ll probably get a sword sing that works as you move or change direction.

Yes its a little confusing the way you’re describing what you need, maybe a video would help. Try looking at upper and lower body splits, bone filtering, montage slots, etc. generally the logic goes something like:

am i moving or not?
if i am, only play upper body animation on montages
if im not moving, then play animation on the entire body.

then you have an upperbody aim array that will have the upperbody look in the direction of your player.

I know all this, and that is not the question. The question is in turning the pelvis 45 degrees without creating a new animation. This is theoretically possible. I have to rotate the character 45 degrees, then I have to rotate the upper body -45 degrees and I have to rotate the legs by -45 degrees. Am I correct?