Rotating spline points

Hi, I’m trying to make a grinding system (using splines) that works at all angles. Currently it works fine apart from making the player look as if they are upside-down.

If you watch this Youtube video - please imagine the turquoise vector is the player’s position on the rail (not the mesh) - you will see what is happening.

[- YouTube][1]

If I visualise the spline points roll via the editor I can see why this is happening:

The best (nearly working) solution I had was to mark each spline point with a boolean as to whether the turquoise vector should be flipped if the player is travelling along that spline point. This nearly worked, but it causes an issue if the start of one spline point is rotated differently to the end of the spline point:

From looking at other solutions, I can gather (and due to my testing) rotating Spline points in the editor doesn’t do anything. But it there anyway to edit them via BP or C++ so I can start attempting to fix this problem?


Ok, I seem to be able to rotate them in editor now. Does anyone know what I’ve magically toggled?

Do you already know what you have magically toggled?