Rotating limitations on actor piece without the static mesh animating itself.

So I’m working on a separate static piece on a actor I’m using. Basically a turret mount on a vehicle. Thing is I want to only limit it to 35 degrees yaw and pitch. This is all under one event graph blueprint and moving both pieces separately isn’t a problem. Below is a image of the current setup. Anyway I have tried a clamp to both a local and world transform (Basically Input > Make Rotator Y > Clamp Y 35 Degrees -Y 35 Degrees to x float to Set (X) Rotation
No matter if I try doing this with a break rot via Sign hell even vector the object just starts spinning rapidly. It’s annoying as hell. Any ideas. If you need more images I can do a quick build when I get home.

Here’s the base Image to start with (Before trying to limit rotations). It works separate than my flight and in conjunction with camera controls (I want the camera to be able have its own pitch and yaw)