Rotating 2D platformer Camera Help

so i am trying to make a 2D platformer game with a 3D environment using the side scroll default in the engine and i figured why make it completely linear when i can use the whole 3D space for the game such as a building where when you hit a corner the camera and character turn to continue following the corridor.

unfortunately i am kind of new to all of this and i hit a brick wall(both in game and RL) and can’t figure out how to rotate the camera the 45 degrees i need it too

so what i was hoping is someone might be able to tell me how i could possibly go about doing this

i did find a trigger volume that is supposed to allow me to trigger the camera or something but i can’t find anything with the camera i was hoping i could trigger the transition with blueprints but i just…don’t see it

any help would be much appreciated thanks