Rotate the Datum/widget of a static mesh

Hi all,
I would like to draw a spline in my level, I have created a simple spline and it works fine, I can add to the spline making it longer to follow a path (just what im after).

BUT my issue is in the editor I would like to draw a spline running left to right (see attached image) to do this I need to rotate my spline (set up as a static mesh), I can use the transform function but this only rotates my splice the the datum/widget thing so when i try to add to my splice i can only move in the direction of the arrow.

The long and short of it is how to i rotate those arrows/datum/widget?

I have been banging my head against a brick wall for the last hour so any help would be very much greatly appreciated
rotate in UE

Try clicking this


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amazing, cant believe it was that simple hahah.
thank you so so so so much!

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