Rotate the camera to another actors socket?


I’ve been messing about trying to rotate the player camera towards another actor’s socket (AI Head socket), but whenever I do, the player camera always rotates and looks way above its head. I’ve found that I could tweak it by adding to the value, but its not really working well in the game when the event happens and the player is standing on a non-flat surface. I figured that the head socket location of the AI would be the most consistent value to go for, but like I said before, it rotates way above the head. Here’s my code:

I cant really see what I’m doing wrong, so any help is appreciated!

Hey @Skylene1!

So the issue here is you’re using the character’s 0 instead of something else. If you drag your camera component in, you can use that directly, because right now you’re turning your entire character at the midpoint (so somewhere around the waist). Plug that into the Start on your FindLookatRotation and you SHOULD be good… Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you for the extra pair of eyes and the help. That was indeed the issue :smiley:

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