Rotate Spine depending on mouse aim

Hi everyone! I’ve started a new project and one of the main parts of this idea is the player to rotate his spine depending of where he is aiming (2d Side Scroller). Anyone knows how can I achieve it or from where can I start?

In these two images uploaded, both circles mean, where player mouse is supposed to be.


Not sure what you are asking exactly.
The positioning can be done via Aim Offset - it seems as if you already have that in place though.

So are you asking how to get the mouse to control that?

First of all, thanks for the reply and sorry if I didnt explain myself correctly. What you see in the images is what I would like to achieve, but for now I have not succeeded with it.
What I simply did was rotate a bone from the mesh so you can get an idea of the result I want to have but I haven’t accomplish it yet. .

As you indicate, it seems that what I am looking for is that aim offset positioning, but only in one direction since the game is a Side Scroller.

Hope now it makes a bit more of sense. Thanks!

You can actually create a fully 3rd aim offset and use that by changing the angle based on distance between the character and the cursor.

getting the mouse is a whole different question. One that would require a lot of explaining.
you can actually check most top down tutorials on it as they frequently use the cursor.