Rotate object using blueprint

Hi there,
I have got “working” blueprint that allows me to grab and lift an object. This works well. Now I’m trying to program rotating that object, but setting related rotation to it only rotates it for a moment after which the object returns to its original rotation.
Does anyone knows how to solve it?
Thank you

Hi @smallB
Be careful that , setting a relative rotation of 0,0,5 (will be always 0,0,5)
is not the same, of adding a relative rotation of 0,0,5 (will grow to, 0,0,10 …0,0,15…)

You may also check if you are rotating using a " one-shot-event " like pressing A or D
or using a input axis defined in the project,
or something like the tick-event

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Hi and thanks,
Indeed adding instead of setting helped.