Rotate Mesh - Back to start rotation?

Hello Folks,

I have a little issue here and wondering how to go about this is BP.

Below you can see my BP which basically “OnClick” rotates a static mesh at a set speed from 0 Degrees continuously but then, what I’d like it todo is… when i “click” again the mesh then rotates back to it’s original rotation of 0 degrees, currently when I click it again it stops at the state of rotation it was at.


Hope that makes sense and any pointers for this would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Create two Rotator variable. One of those will be the initial rotation and the other last rotation. Get rotation of your mesh and then set the first rotator variable you created with it with Event Begin Play or in Construction Script. Then get rotation of the mesh again and set the second rotator variable with it after AddRelativeRotation node. Now you can use those to set the mesh’s rotation to start position by using a timeline(float track from 0 to 1) any time you like. Like this:

Edit: If you know that the init rotation is 0,0,0 then you dont even need the first rotator variable. Just enter 0,0,0 to B of the Lerp.

Why no one uses “Move Component To” node? (I rarely see it anywhere) It is a lot more easy to use, there is no need for timeline+lerp mess… also it has move, stop, return exec pins :\

Good point. There is no reason not to use Move Component To node. Lerp is something i often use so it was the first thing that came to mind.

Heh. I am glad, I wasn’t missing anything :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input here guys, I will be looking at this later Today.

Nicat… do you have an example of using the “Move Component To” for my current BP setup ? as it would be appreciated.