Rotate a door on collision?

Is it possible to rotate something when colliding into it? then stopping the rotation at a certain degree?

I have been able to get the door to open from either side upon colliding into it and stop opening if the person walks away so it appears they are opening the door with force but really it is just in the middle of an animation. If i step through the door and try to walk into the other side before it closes the door will not open until I walk away and step back into it. I have it set to check if the door opening/closing from the other side is already finished which is why it does it. If I don’t set it to check if the other side is finished then it causes the animations to overlap and glitch.

Basically I really want the door to open as a player is walking through like a swinging door at a restaurant or something. If two players enter from opposite sides running full speed at the door it shouldnt move. If a player is behind the door it should slow it down and/or move the player out of the way. The door should also automatically close. Is this possible? Is there a way to rotate an object without animation upon collision? I am still fairly newb to Unreal please bare with my stupidity :smiley:

As stated above I am just a newb. Anyone running into this issue will want to make the door physics enabled then add anchors to the pivot side of the door with angle restrictions. Also want to use angular motor on one of the pivots to force it to return and adjust the angular drag on the door itself to control return swing speed.

This may be only an issue with me but on 4.13.0 starter content SM_Door seems to not have any collision points set so you cannot make it a physics object. It was easily fixed by just exporting the door as FBX and re-importing it. If you also use the door frame you might have issues like I did not being able to get it to collide with the character only, I ended up setting no collision on the object and just adding box colliders. May just be some sort of issues with the colliders on the starter objects.