Ropeway building game with blueprints

Hey guys,
At first I want to apologise for my English. I am not a native speaker.

So, a friend and I are having the idea of making a cablecar tycoon game only with blueprints (no C++ or other coding language). I have experience with making FPS games and I even had one game which was playable.

The player can choose between some maps. (This wouldn’t be a problem to make) and build ropeways (thats were my questions start)
I tought of making it that you choose the type of the ropeway (gondola, chair-lift, etc.) and beginn with placing the valley station. Then a “ghost” of the top station will spawn at your mouse cursors location. During that process it will already generate the pillars (I’m not sure how you’d call them). But my problem is how can I make the rope going over the pillars. The pillars wouldn’t be a problem. I’d just think of a script placing them every 20 yards except when theres a peak or something in the way (so working with overlapping). But as said earlier I have no idea how to generate the rope carrying the gondolas. Another question I have would be how to make the gondolas move up the rope. The shouldn’t need to “do a curve” in the station they could just dissappear at one side an spawn again at the other side.

I know that this are quite a few questions but it would be so awesome if anyone would know a tutorial or could give me a brief explain of how I should do this.
I am happy for every answer.
Thanks in advance and stay healthy,