Root motion retargeting.

How do I properly retarget root motion when transferring animation between different skeletons?

I tried to transfer animation between two characters of slightly different height, and new character is sliding across the floor. Trying different “Recursively Set Transform XYZ” options didn’t fix the problem.

Any suggestions?

I’m still interested in the answer.

Perhaps you should describe your problem in more detail? I mean, I’m not really a proper animator so maybe it’s just a case of me being too dumb, but from your description I don’t quite understand what your exact problem is.

I’ve read somewhere that root motion retargeting is currently broken. But I’m not sure if that’s really the case.

You have animation animation on char A, where character takes one step to the left which moves him/her/it/whatever by 20 centimeters.
You attempt to transfer that onto char B, that has different skeleton and is 1 cm taller.
When animation is applied, Char B moves 1.5 meters to the left instead of taking similar small step.

I’m exaggerating here, of course, but that’s the general idea. When you transfer root motion from one char to another, you get “sliding feet” problem that is instantly noticeable.