Root Motion Problem

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make work a set of animation builded with the Root Motion system.
My main goal is to use the root motion Animations to make all the movement using the BluePrint Animation.

The problem is that I can choose to set the Root Motion only in the Anim Montage, and not in the single Anim Sequence.
This cause a problem when I try to make a State , as in the picture, because the Final Animation Pose wants a struct’PoseLink’ as input to work properly.

So the questions are:

  1. There is a way to use the Root Motion with the single Anim Sequence without transform them in an Animation Montage?
    2)There is a way to cast an “Animation Montage” to a struct’PoseLink’ inside BluePrint?


AnimMontages are intended to be played through Slot nodes in the Animation Blueprint.
See this link for more details on how to use AnimMontages:

  1. We do not currently support Root Motion from arbitrary Anim Sequences, but that is a popular request, so it is on top of our list of features to work on.
  2. No, you have to use Slot nodes, see link above for more details.

Hope that helps,

Thank you very much for you answer!

Does Root Motion in anim sequences mean we will be able to use root motion within state machines?
If so, this will make building melee combat systems much easier.