Root Motion on an Actor Blueprint? (Not character or pawn)

Hello everyone,

I have an event in my game where you have the ability to use your superhuman strength to kick a car in one of 4 directions. I want to use animation and root motion to offset the vehicle as it will be sliding around on its tires. When a trace detects that it is at a wall, it will play a ‘hit’ animation.

Problem is, How would I activate root motion in an actor, that is not a character or a pawn?

I just thought I would bump this ; A;

I would like to know if it’s possible…

I’m not sure I understand the question entirely, root motion is motion that is driven by the animation - so to “activate” root motion, you would play the animation of the car sliding around on it’s tires, right? You wouldn’t even necessarily have to do a trace to detect a wall hit, just use an onBeginOverlap or onHit to trigger the animation to stop and handle your hit condition…

The question is different: when used on a character, there is no problem - it functions. Add a second mesh to character, and the animation of the second mesh has no effect on the motion of the overall.
I suppose it’s the same problem with actors which aren’t character - all multi-parts skelmeshes.