root motion montage issue

hi i have an issue with root motion. i’m using the infinity blade assets in order to make a playable character. I’ve setup the character in engine and everything works fine in terms of functionality except when i play the character. The montages I’ve setup have root motion applied to them however while processing the root motion in editor works fine when playing the level it failing to process the root motion and the pelvis stays stationary while everything else is moving. For my roll/ dodge this is especially evident and i have been unable to find a fix. any help on this would be great cheers.
Here are some images displaying the animation in editor and then in engine.

Hey, the thing is that you should not be using root motion in animations. If you want to move an actor or a pawn in game during animation use some function in blueprints to do so. Let’s say you want to do barrel roll and move the character 2 meters forward by pressing “Space”. So first you have to set up the animation in animation graph to do the animation of “dodging” when you press “Space” and then in event graph to move the pawn two meters in direction he is facing. I am not saying that this is how it should be done, but that is how I would approach this problem, because in my opinion animations should not move the character’s origin. Animation and the actual movement are two different things. You know, it is just like walking animation, you don’t have moving root bone in walking animation, you have only the animation itself which is looping and the actual movement happens in event graph. I hope it helped you to see another point of view.

You are wrong, Root Motion is extremly usefull, plus your way is harder and with worse results in the end. What you talk about walking animations is right, but there are cases, like the one from D_S_D_A_Savage which is right to use Root Motion

Read Root Motion | Unreal Engine Documentation for more info.

About D_S_D_A_Savage issue, probably something is wrong with the animation, root motion anims must have the base bone well setted up.

PD: Ligazetom I dont think Epic Games would loose time/money doing something if it´s not usefull/right to do


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