Root Motion Fine in Persona but not in Game

I’ve updated a number of anims for root motion and all play fine in game.

However I have an anim that I updated in Maya for root motion and it looks good and when I import and play in persona however in game the rotation aspects of the anim are not working.

For this anim I had to copy/paste the rotation to the hip as the anim has the character falling to the ground then standing back up.

Only thing I could think of is the issue is with the collision cylinder colliding with the ground and stopping it from playing correctly but I can’t see why this would be so as the rotation was applied to the hip bone and the movement to the root bone and when I unhide the collision cylinder it does not seem to be rotating towards the ground (i.e. working as I’d expect)

Suggestions …Is there something extra I need to do with this type of root motion to get it working?

Sorry for the bump but anybody got a suggestion as to why the horizontal rotation is not applied to the root motion when in game (x/y movement applied ok) but when in the anim editor for the anim sequence it shows the whole root motion as working just fine.

I’ve tried toggling the rotation yaw and movement modes as well.