Root Motion doesn't make object move far enough

I have a bird landing animation with root motion. In Maya, it starts at 0, 0, 0, and moves to 0, 3, -2, in meters.

So I choose a location 3, -2 from the landing location, and tell the AIController to move there. When it arrives I play the animation.

I’ve tried doing StopMove and MoveToLocation while the anim plays. Either way, the bird does not move far enough during the course of the animation. He moves about 2 meters total.

As I’m a bit of a noob with UE4 animation, I’m not sure where to look for the problem. I’ve verified with debug spheres that my location vectors are where I think they are. I’ve verified that the animations have “Use Root Motion” set to true.

I’m now querying GetAnimSequenceEndTransform to get this vector. It’s the same as expected from Maya, so I don’t think there’s an anim import/export error. Here’s a picture of what’s happening.

The blue sphere is the landing spot target, and the red sphere is where the anim should start so the root motion will carry the bird to the blue sphere. But you can see the crow sitting where the anim stops, partway between.


Turns out the anim blending between the flying and landing anims was meaning it didn’t travel the full distance of the landing anim.