Root motion and physical jump

Hi !
Is there a posibility to make physical jumps by “Launch Character” with Root Motion controller ? Root motion will add to our game more fluidity and smoothes but we have to keep physic jump because we are modify height and lenght values at runtime. Is there posibility to avoid hard coded jump in root motion ? It’s possible or a way around ?
Please help ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Need to enter flying mode - by default Walking does not include vertical root motion

You didn’t understand my question :slight_smile: I want to override root motion by “launch character”. For now player can jump only in Z axis. Is that possible ?

Ahhh I see… so perhaps use “root motion for montage only”, and then jump can be driven procedurally by LaunchCharacter?

We want to convert our current controller where we use montages. Results in current one are good but to eliminate ugly blendings bettwen anim graph and montages and buggs which is causing that. Our project is very animation based and we want the best quality, that’s why we want to try with root motion controller and make character animation driven. But with exception of jumping which need to be physic based.