Root motion AI (won't stop when hits object)

I’ve been working on a root motion driven AI (which I am now regretting), and it works pretty well for the most part. It navigates well through the map, avoiding obstacles, etc. Except for one tiny bitty problem… the ■■■■ thing won’t stop walking when it hits a door. I’ve set it up so it can open doors with box collision + ray tracing, but it just keeps walking forward before the door has a chance to open completely and it looks like a complete idiot walking against a door. I’ve set up a probably unnecessarily complex system so the door can tell him to stop and wait until the animation is complete, and it also works… mostly. It still runs to the door sometimes. Does anyone know if any way of having the AI stop moving when it hits something? Here are a couple of screen shots of the ‘move to’ function and of the anim blueprint (the ‘FWD’ float drives speed which affects ‘Walk blend’, which connects to the speed float in the blendspace)