Room with Rigged Furniture - Lighting is All Wrong

I’ve set up one scene in my game as a big, static room. Static except for a select few pieces of furniture that I rigged - like a chair, doors and a ceiling fan.

Now normal actors will match the lighting of the room as they move about. But the rigged furniture is very bright even including the pieces that are completely in the shade.

Could it be that a dynamic character is lit as a whole, i.e. it’s not possible for one part of it to be shadowed and another to be brightly lit? Do I have to split my furniture into multiple animated characters? (that would suck because then I get a dozen or so independent animation tracks unless I can find a workaround…)

You want to place a lightmass importance volume in your scene.

To get better quality on your “characters” which are moveable objects, use a character detail volume:

That should take care of your problem. If you want, you can increase the resolution of the detail volume to get even better, more accurate lighting on your dynamic objects.

You can also change the lighting cache quality from point to volume on an actor or moveable mesh. Using capsule shadows will also have those actors cast soft shadows.