Rookie Looking for Advice on UE4 engine before possible purchase!

Hello everyone! I’m a new rookie looking for some insight on the UE4 engine!

The game i’m shooting for will be a metroidvania type game all with original characters, bosses, and story-line. My question is this an engine that should be used for that type of game especially versus the Unity engine? I’m not worried about sound and music as I have a friend who is has majored in music production and composing. I want an engine that doesn’t require a million different types of plugins or forced to buy several unneeded ones. I really want some pros an d cons of both if you can provide some. I need to keep outrageous up front costs down to a minimum! Thanks in advance!

Hi Yodi2007,

Short answer: Yes!

Longer answer: While a 2D platformer can be made with UE4 right now, the process is continually improving through the development of Paper 2D]( (Epic’s first-class support for making 2D and hybrid 2D/3D games), which is evolving from development to release candidate over the coming months.

What is possible now:

What will be possible soon:

  • An actual platformer game sample that you can pick apart will be released sometime in the near future; if I had to guess, this will happen either shortly before or in conjunction with the release of Paper 2D this summer.
  • You can use Paper 2D while it’s being developed right now (many code changes guaranteed), but the UE4 Roadmap](Trello) on Trello shows that a fully functional Paper 2D is targeted for release sometime in July.

For $19, I’d recommend giving it a spin just to see how you like the workflow. Your input would also be quite welcome in the Paper 2D thread]( You can even jump in and provide contributions if you’re so willing.

Good luck with your project, and welcome to the community!


My two cents: you can’t go wrong, well worth at least checking out the engine. Epic’s biz model depends on your games coming to market and making money, so they aren’t interested in nickel and diming you by charging extra for this or that feature.

The blueprint system would be a fantastic asset for quickly setting up and testing gameplay elements for a platformer as well.

I can’t speak to the state of paper 2D, but it’s certainly possible to do a great looking side scroller with the 3D engine. There’s an example project with control and camera schemes already set up for this in fact.

The 2D tools in Unity are more mature, but Epic is working hard to make their Paper2d a fully featured framework.

If you only want to make 2D games Unity is probably a better choice (or even some other 2D dedicated engine) but if you have broader aspirations go for UE4!

In the future yes I will make 3D games, but for now I have 2 games planned that are side scrollers. I want them to have a unique feel.

If I may assume you are a beginner in game development, you will probably have enough basic stuff to learn before Paper2D becomes ready for prime time (wild guess 2-3 months). Go ahead with UE4!

I really love ue4 but I might lean more towards Unity atm for 2D. But if you are having a hard time deciding then you might want to consider reducing the scope of your game idea to something you could reasonably accomplish within a few weeks. Crank out something in Unity. See where UE4-2D is then.

[edit] Btw to be fair I have not been keeping up with UE4-2D libs. I am guessing out of my rear end it is not as mature as Unity’s. Sorry, I am not much help to you.

I saw someone from YouTube use ue3 for a sidescroller demo. It was something that I wanted mine to look like.

Although Unity has better 2D tools, I’m kind of assuming you’re a beginner and if you are blueprints are just AMAZING!!! It takes about 1-2 weeks to learn whereas scripting languages such as Javascript, C# and Booscript (the scripting languages that come with Unity) take a lot longer to learn. But if you are a coder there is C++ (but I’d go with Unity if I wanted to code without blueprints). Just a warning with Unity is that if you ever plan on making a 3D game, you can’t really accomplish great graphics at all. Anyway hope this helped and good luck.

Oh? Can you clarify if this is a 3D rendered video game that is merely being rendered as 2d? If so, then I’d say go for it all the way

I thought you were making a 2d pixel art game with Sprites? If that were the case my wild guess would have been Unity.

Something like this video.

That is technically a 3d game with 2d movement.

Hi Yodi,

The sidescroller template is available for those who wish to create a sidescroller game and is readily available when you purchase a subscription to the engine! You will already be well on your way with a click of the mouse.

Oh yeah, if that’s the style you are aiming for, Unreal 4 will lend itself very very well to it.

Thanks alot! I have already started to create my own characters in blender. Will probably purchase unique 3d models or pay someone to create some to speed up the process some.