Romero Blueprints Tutorials


Below is the current contents of my blog “Romero Blueprints” with Blueprints tutorials.

The articles can be accessed from the Table of Contents of the Blog found at this link:

Romero Blueprints TOC

Game Programming with Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints

Part I - Introduction to Blueprints

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Visual Scripting
Blueprint Editor Overview
Creating the first Class Blueprint
Using components in Blueprints
Variables and the “Defaults” mode in Blueprints
Class vs Objects in Blueprints
Events Overview in Blueprints
Actions Overview in Blueprints
Arithmetic Operators and Expressions
Relational Operators and Branchs
Logical Operators and Boolean Expressions
A very simple game in Blueprints
Initial preparation of the game
GameHUD: Initializing the variables with a Macro
GameHUD: Timer and Custom Event
GameHUD: Function
GameHUD: Drawing on the screen
Statue: Components
Statue: Graph Actions
GameHUD: Game Over

Part II - Blueprints Tips

Construction Script in Blueprints
Switchs and Enumerations in Blueprints
Arrays and For loops in Blueprints
Using Level Blueprints
Using Event Dispatcher in Blueprints
Tick Event and Latent Actions in Blueprints
Using Timelines in Blueprints
Flow Control in Blueprints
Input Mappings in Blueprints
Save and Load in Blueprints
Drawing a Title Screen with UMG
The Blueprints Actions of the Title Screen
Drawing a HUD with UMG
The Blueprints Actions of the HUD

Beautiful! I will have to make my way through all of this but the Switches and Enum one has helped me already :slight_smile: