Roll a plane so that its normal is facing the camera


I’ve got a problem I can’t seem to solve.
Here’s a video of my gun shooting. There’s a ‘tracer’ effect which is a little line of energy bridging the barrel and the point of impact. The local ‘roll axis’ of that plane is the x-axis, in case that’s important.

Currently, the plane is completely vertical. However, when firing lots of bullets, when moving, or when the tracer has a longer duration, that quickly becomes a bad look.
I would like to be able to roll the plane such that it faces the camera (while staying on the same path of the bullet). I’ve tried this a lot of times but haven’t been able to crack it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Solution to this:

Instead, use a particle system, check “Use Local Space”, add a Lock Axis module and set it to rotate around whichever axis you need it to rotate around.

I think there’s a billboard component in unreal.