Rock climbing animations work in progress

I’ve been looking into mocap and mocap cleanup lately and wanted to create a little rock climbing experience in UE4.

The mocap equipment used is IPISoft with 6xps3 eyes and the cleanup was done in MotionBuilder 2016.

This video shows the first basic animations and what i’ve done in order to get the character to climb up a 30deg inclined wall. The control part in UE4 is currently super simple and i still have to decide how i want to handle hands animation. My original idea was to allow the user to grab on to the holds using an additive animation layer, but i currently like the idea of the hands just being animated.

In case you are into MotionBuilder, im also sharing my findings on my channel. Feel free to comment since im still new to it.

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WIP3 video uploaded with some finger animation + a dyno move.

WIP4 video uploaded with a little improvement on level design.

WIP5 video is uploaded, showing 4 new animations.

  • CrossR to SquareLeft
  • Hard landing
  • Get up from back (based on Mixamo)
  • Get up from front (based on Mixamo)

On my channel i have a link to the Hard landing animation for download and free of use.

Looks incredibly good for handmade animation ! GREAT JOB !

Thanks, but it wasnt hand animated… I used my own mocap shots, and here and there, when i was missing a move, i used similar moves and adjusted them to fit what i wanted.

To be honest, i dont know much about animating, only mocap cleanup and rock climbing hehe.

WIP 7 is uploaded now.

  • Includes new climbing route building setup
  • FullBody IK (Using IKinema) for hand and foot placement on wall
  • Can climb on different angles

It still needs a lot of tweaking and bugsquashing, but it’s coming along pretty well i think.

Pretty nice but it would require a ton of work to integrate with a pre-existing movement system of a game (Dodges/doublejumps etc)

How do I download this? It is exactly what I need for my game. And I mean literally EXACTLY. It’s perfect.

Is there a download?

Unfortunately not. I have the project parked for the moment, i need to sort out how i want the controller to work, but need to try out some more things. I will make sure to update the thread once i progress.