Rock assets for underground level?

Hi guys, I am creating an underground level, I have around 50 assets ready just fill out the space, but I cannot find out how should I create the actuall mined out tunnels.
Should I just create 40 rocks, and duplicate them over themselfes? Or create some sort of “faces” with texture and duplicate them over and over?

^^ Image of what I am trying to archieve. Please note that I need a lot of variations of tunnel shapes.

You could create 3 rocks with 5 faces by example. Each face would be different…(means 15 possibilities) It would give you a lot of possibilities… Also, If you would scale the rock, more and more and more possibilities…nothing fancy :wink:

Sorry for late reply, got stuck on another topic. Anyway, that’s what I thought. But honestly, it always looks so “fake”. I am trying to create now assets from photogrammetry (brushes from photogrammetry) and hopefully it will look better.
Anyway thanks for the reply.

I know the man for the job.
Luos’ modular rocks

I think he also has a premium version of that on the marketplace