"Road to Early Access" Bi-Weekly Streams - Feudal Japanese Game

Hello UE4 Community,

We moved our game Hanako - Soul of the Samurai to UE4 the instant it was publicly released and at that time we were doing development streams 4-5 days a week.

We’ve gone off the grid largely since our failed Kickstarter over a year ago and have only released a little bit of content like this teaser:

We decided that with us getting into the depths of early access preparations aimed for release at the end of the year/early 2017 that we’d love for fellow UE4 devs and those interested in learning about game dev to follow us behind-the-scenes during that journey at least twice a week.

I’ll be every Monday and Tuesday and maybe another day of the week depending on scheduling and other activities.

Really looking forward to chatting with you guys on there. I’ve worked in AAA game development for 6 years, all in the Unreal Engine with this indie project going since the UDK days 7 years ago and UE4 since release in March 2014 (I think that’s when it was or 2015).

On the streams I am primarily doing a lot of environment art but also handle all of the technical art in the game like hooking up animations, Persona, Sequencer and a ton of engine stuff too so I’d love to share knowledge and show our processes.