Road Piece Designer and Adding Functionality {Help}

Hey, this is my first time posting to this forum so I am not clear if there are any rules or style formats I should be following (If there is please post a link ).

I am currently working on a school project that is a VR Traffic Simulator. Currently, I am working on a “Track Piece Designer” the main goal of this “Designer” is to load a piece of track and allow you to manipulate it and change its features.

Here is an image of the Designer;base64

I have never used Unreal before this project. All the buttons you see have no functionality. The pieces you see on the side are place holders that will eventually be replaced with 3D assets. I have tried googling and seeing if I could find answers to my questions but I have had no luck. ( If you can recommend links for resources or similar projects to get some ideas from that would be helpful as well)


  1. If I were to click on a road piece on the scroll box on the left side, how would I then have that 3D asset appear in the large empty space in the middle

  2. Also, what would be a recommended way on how to edit that road piece such as rotating it and resizing it.

  3. What would be the best way to save the newly edited piece

  4. Also if you have a better idea on how to tackle this whole designer idea that would also help