Rising and Falling Water Bodies Buoyancy Not Working UE 4.26

Hello everyone, this is my first question so I apologize if this isn’t the correct place to ask this question. Has anyone been successful with buoyant actors in a “Water Body Custom”, and in particular one that is moving over time?

I am using the new water fluid system in Unreal Engine 4.26 and I was trying to apply buoyancy to rising and falling water. I was able to get a starting actor called “Water Body Custom” to rise and fall over time with a timeline I created but all of the buoyant objects I put in it will not rise with the water rising. In fact buoyancy is not working at all on the “Water Body Custom” I started with. I then applied the same process but to a starting actor called “Water Body Lake”, in this example the buoyant objects are floating properly, and they rise and fall with the timeline as they should while being buoyant but the actual visual water in the lake is not rising and falling. I’m assuming this is because the “Water Body Lake” is bound to the landscape it is a part of and that it cannot physically rise out of the landscape it is embedded within. This is why I was originally trying to do this process on a “Water Body Custom” actor that does not rely on a landscape.

Thank you for your help.

Example gifs of progress describing scenario: Rising and Fall Water buoyancy demo - Album on Imgur

Hi! Could you fix it?