Ring style inventory

Hey there guys! How would I go about making an inventory system that rotates onto a specific item and, when selected, it can be used? Also would I be able to create multiple layers to separate various inventory classes? (Detail please, as I’m incredibly new to this! haha) Thanks!:smiley:

like the one in secret of mana?

for ther inventory itself you could use my “Free Inventory Actor” theres an example umg widget included you could learn from that how to display stuff but you would have to create your own widget to display/interact

Hi there!

I actually just made this exact menu for fun (secret of mana kicks ***!)

If you are new to blueprint I would take it easy. This was actually kind of complicated to get up and running. Start by trying to get a custom HUD working and print an image to the screen. After you get that working, use this page to figure out how to print images based on the algorithms provided.

After that, its pretty easy peasy. Just add to values to the algorithm to make the images move.

Sorry for the generalities, but it’d be a suuuuper long tutorial to do this from start to finish. Take it slow :smiley: You’ll get there!