Rigging Sci-Fi Weapons to First Person example

Hello, I know this has been asked before, but I recently bought the “Sci Fi Weapons Silver” pack off the Unreal Marketplace, and noticed that the models are not correctly set up for use in the FPS example, and the shooter Game Example.
I ran across a tutorial on using blender to rotate Custom weapons and scaling them to the “Shooter Game Example”, but no hints for the First Person Example project(Found under new project)
Please let me clarify: I am wanting to use and expand the First person Example, NOT the Shooter example.
Call me limited or thick skulled, but I simply Cannot use Blender in any fashion. I would much perfer Maya or 3DS max.
is there anyone that has used the First Person Template(New project Blueprint version), and attempted to do something similar to this? Or is there a way to attach and rotate the weapons In the Unreal engine itself and attach them to the HeroPPP model?
Sorry for bringing up a old subject, honestly this would have been alot easier if the Seller of those Weapon packs had adjusted them properly, it wouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes to properly rotate and scale them to the Example projects.

They all have their pivots in the grips of the weapons, weapons facing down the X axis, in proper world scale, exactly as they should be. You seem to have quite a strange definition of “adjusted properly.” It should be trivial for anyone to attach them to sockets on other meshes.

Well, I’m quite new, and I’ve attempted to use sockets to attack them to the “HeroFPP” mesh in the engine.

This is the result:

This is my Socket setup:


I’ve followed other tutorials on how to attach meshs to Sockets, but this is just plain odd, any Help with be greatly appreciante

What you are going to want to do is create a Child Actor component in your Character blueprint, set the class of the Child Actor component to the weapon actor class, and attach the Child Actor to the b_RightWeapon socket. At which point, you can move / rotate / scale the weapon actor all you want in the Character blueprint.