Rift Trigger Box, Camera Clip

Hey guys.

Ive been working on my level and just ran into a little bump in the road. I made a blueprint for a window that rotates to open. The problem that I have is that when I clip into the trigger box the camera blacks out as if i had clipped into a static mesh. Ive played around with it a bit and cant seem to fix it. I’m assuming its pretty simple to fix. So if anyone knows the solution id really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Hey Tayber415-

It sounds like you have a serious problem that we would like to investigate. Please post this issue on the AnswerHub ( to help us monitor and track this bug. Once you have made the post, you can add the link to your post here for quick reference.



I think this is a known issue with the VR Template, here’s another thread with a possible workaround:

I believe the main problem is on VRPlayerController -> Event Graph -> “Show camera view if out of camera range or colliding with object” -> Sphere Overlap Components

I have noticed the other thread as well and plan to reference both threads once it is posted on AnswerHub. The purpose of having the issue reported to AnswerHub is that it allows us to easily assign the task to our support team for tracking and documentation.