Rift Rotation Problem After Moving to 4.5.1

I just moved my project to engine 4.5.1 from 4.4.3 and I noticed a problem when turning on stereo that didn’t exist before. Basically the HMD rotations aren’t correctly being represented; it seems cutoff or constrained somehow. The translation ( moving head side to side ) however does seem to work as well as before. The OVR SDK has been 0.4.3 on both engines.

My project is really dead simple at this point. It’s just a Pawn with the component hierarchy of : USceneComponent -> USkeletalMeshComponent -> UCameraComponent

Any ideas?


So it turns out that I had to set the property ‘bUsePawnControlRotation’ of UCameraComponent to true. I didn’t have to do that before and the API reference docs make it look like the default value is true. In any case, this fixed the problem.