[RIFT] Packaged Game Hangs When It Starts

Okay, so I’m new to all this stuff so I’ve probably done something stupid somewhere.

I’ve finished 3 of my 40-odd models for my VR game and wanted to bung them into a level to see if I’ve got the scale of them right and to see how they look in VR. So I started a New Project and selected the Virtual Reality template from the Blueprints tab. I’ve then selected the VR Locomotion map as my starting map in the Preferences and dragged a load of my models in. Then I’ve run it in the Editor with a VR Preview and it all works great.

Then I’ve gone to File>Package Project>Windows> Windows (64bit) and packaged the project with no errors.

But when I try and run the executable it just hangs with the camera on the floor and the camera doesn’t move when I move my headset. I must have done something daft somewhere, any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance! :o :smiley:

In the editor the VR mode is enabled by default when you preview in VR, but this doesn’t happen on the packaged experience.

You need to have either 1. an Enable HMD node (with Enable stereo checked) attached to your Begin Play event or 2. check Start in VR in your project settings (Edit -> Project Settings -> Description -> Settings -> “Start in VR”).


Brilliant, thanks a lot for that. I just assumed that everything started in VR whenever there was an HMD attached to a PC because there are a load of non-VR Unreal Engine games that are designed to be played ‘flat’ that work in VR. I thought that Epic had that happening from 4.11(?) onward. Oh well, will make that change in my settings. Thanks again! :smiley: