Riddle me this. Bush interaction.

I would really love to interact with bushes.

So far everything I tried was from within the Trike character BP.

I tried all sorts of traceing and overlaps with all Object types and trace channels (as far as I’m aware). I can get hits but only if I change the collision presets on bushes with a collision mesh (BananaPlant) or if I add a collision mesh to bushes where the static mesh doesn’t have one (Azalea).

The game obviously has a way of dealing with this as we can interact with bushes, but how? How do you get a reference to a bush foliage instance to do stuff with it?

Could it have something to do with these functions in the player pawn character BP (e.g. BPtryMultiUse)? Can you look inside those? Bushes = neutrinos :smiley: