Revit views and visibility


Apologies if this has been raised before. Please bear in mind that I am not a Revit user when reading the below.

I have been testing the Revit Datasmith export to Unreal Studio. I have created a new Revit view and turned off a lot of geometry using Revit’s Visibility/ Graphic Overrides Model Categories. This has enabled me to greatly reduce the content of the model. When I export the new view, however, I notice that the number of files and the total amount of data is only marginally smaller than the complete view. I haven’t been successful importing this model into Unreal at the moment. When I import the two different views into Max, the reduced view is 1/5 of the other.

Are the Visibility/ Graphic Overrides Model Categories considered when exporting from Revit?



The way it works is that the Revit export plugin ask (through the revit api) what is the active view and execute a standardized “custom exporter” call. Revit is then looking at the content of that specific view and gives us all the objects. The result is exported to a *.udatasmith file and a directory containing the assets.

Early versions of the plugin had issues with users interacting with the mouse while exporting, silently stopping the export process. If your datasmith file looks like it misses entities, it might be because you have an older version of the plugin?

Hi PF,

Thanks for the response. From what you’re saying I would expect Datasmith to skip what is hidden with the Visibility/ Graphic Overrides Model Categories. Perhaps I should experiment with a smaller dataset.