Reversed Normals after creating a Skeleton in the A.R.T Tool.

Hey, I noticed a little problem with the Rigging and Animation Toolkit for Maya. After I create a Skeleton in the Character Rig Creator, the right arm and leg always seems to have reversed Normals. Also, in the Skeleton Creation Settings I have checked that the right arm and leg should have the same settings as on the left side.

Maybe it has something to do with the version (I’m using Maya 2015) i dont know, but before I change something manually, I better ask.

Thanks in advance! (:

Hey Funnycom -

Thank You for the information, this will help us as we move forward with the Animation and Rigging Tool. ART is just now being tested in Maya 2015 and we are working diligently on getting ART updated for Maya 2015.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi there!

Are you referring to the proxy geometry normals being reversed? I took a quick look at the proxy geometry file and it looks like the normals are correct, but as Eric said, we haven’t tested in 2015 yet. I’m not sure what they would have changed that would reverse normals though!

Is there any update on this issue? Using 2015, right side of the proxy mesh is all reversed, is there a way I can manually open the proxy file and reverse it?

edit: the normals are not reversed, viewport 2.0 renders it so it looks like the normals are flipped for some reason.

It’s because the Back Culling option on those parts is set to Full, I turned it to off and it’s back to what it’s supposed to be :). Hope this helps!

Select the parts that look ‘flipped’ and then:

Display>Polygons>Backface Culling.

I had to toggle it on and then off again for the arm to look correct with Viewport 2.0