Reverse LoD order.

I’d like to invert the LoD order so that the most simple mesh is level 0 with higher numbers indicating more detail, but cant find a way to do that with the built in system. Is it actually possible?

Seems to me this is a far more logical way to go about building assets, I can start with simple geometry to get the scene built and tested quickly and have my artists flesh it out later, simply adding LoD meshes to each asset as required without having to mess about re-ordering all the LoD levels for every new addition, instead we simply drop the new, higher detail version at the bottom of the list and we’re done.

Main reason for this is for future expansion: if we want to keep our library and expand/recycle for future projects (which we absolutely want to do), then doing it reversed will save quite a bit of time and unnecessary faffing about.