Revealing content (3D object) via keyboard/gamepad button

Hi guys,

Im a graphic designer (Cinema 4D + Octane) and triying to do something on Unreal :slight_smile: Also, hoping to getting used to it…

I have a 3D scene that i built in Cinema 4D and imported to Unreal, now, i wana make a basic (if i could say!) interaction via game pad (xbox controller) or keyboard.

The interaction is, once i push on a specific button (on the controller/keyboard) it revealse a hided 3D object and once the button is no longer pushed, the 3D object desapear.

Is it possible? Can you give me some tips? tuts?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No one to help? :frowning:

if you don’t any experience as programmer I would like recommend you start with blueprints and post your question there, anyway from your player controller or a pawn, call a key event and probably modify a instance material

here are the tutorials:

watch the getting started series, you will see how easy is this effect

Hi ZKarmaKun, thanks a lot for the help, im checking this right now :smiley: