[Rev Share/Paid] - Race Track/Level/Environment Designers

Undisclosed Racing Game Name

I’m currently a solo developer and have been working on a racing game for around 3 -4 years on and off (with work/family etc.), the core end to end game is complete, this is both solo play and online multiplayer (PC at the first stage) and have reached a point where I need to branch out and get some of you amazing people onboard to continue the development.

Positions Available

Race Track /Level/Environment Designers - This will be a mixture of Landscape Terrain based & 3d mesh creation. Both circuit style and 1 or 2 Open World environments.

Final thought and information
All of the above mentioned are currently working, along with 12 existing vehicles in varied formats, all game logic has been written & completed.

I’ve marked this post as Paid/Revenue share as I would be delighted in hearing from anybody who would be interested in joining me, we can discuss this further.

Contact -

Thanks for reading… hope to here from you soon

Kind Regards
Cecil Bergwin

Thank you to those who have emailed me and got in touch, this is still open for anybody else viewing who maybe interested.