[Rev-Share]Looking For Programmers For Open World First Person RPG

Hey All! Currently Looking For Programmers For A Open World RPG!.

A Bit Of Game BackStory:

Once… There Were 4 Gods,
Eldir. The God of the Dark, Ocdum, God of Destruction, Feva The Goddess Of Night And Nevorr The God Of Power And Of Light.
Eldir, Ocdum, And Feva Were Creating Something. Something So Powerful And Dangerous And reckless. But They Didn’t Have The Power To Complete It. So They Went To Nevorr, He Refused To Give His Power For Such Reckless Things. So The 3 Gods Created Something else. A Gate, The Gate Would Take Power From Unknown Places Giving It To Them.
And It Worked… Until One Day. Instead Of Taking In The Power, Of Everything. It Spewed It Out… Making The Realm (World) Of Ederath.

Im Looking For Unreal Programmers. If Intrested Email me At