Reusing Animation Blueprint on Similar Skeletal Meshes

So I’m creating a bunch of enemy types from the Infinity Blade Adversaries pack. I’m right now working on the Gruntlings animations. I have an animation blueprint that is connected to the exodus_gruntling and I would want to use the same animation blueprint for the other style of gruntlings. However, their skeletons might be slightly different. Like one has a bomb on its back so that has an additional bone. Is there a way I can reuse the Animation blueprint that will work for all the gruntlings? And if not, is there a cleaner way I can control the animations of a bunch of different and/or similar types of enemies?

Yes, there is a easy way. At least if you are using UE5.
Google IK Rig Retargeting System - there is some good videos descriping it.

Hi @Tiksia !
So I used the IK Rig Retargeting System. The problem is making the chains is very tedious. Would I have to keep making chains or is there a way around that. Like I said, the two gruntlings have very similar bone structures, just slightly different. Would I be able to share those chains against other skeletons or something like that? Sorry if that’s confusing.

Incase you are using the Infinity blade assets, just use the ue4 retarget manager and put the Rig to Humanoid

this will ignore any additional bones you don’t really nead

Where did you find that option to set up a rig? And can I use a preset rig instead of the UE4/UE5 skeleton. Since I already created a retargeter for the grunting?

This menu is only on UE4, and yes it’s possible to use a preset rig no problem

What should I look into to preset a rig in UE5? I know there’s the Retargeting System, but is there something specific I should look into to have a basic rig that can work for a bunch of similar skeletons?

And to follow up on that, would it just make sense to make a new animation blueprint for each enemy type, even if the skeletons are very similar?

I’m not 100% sure, but when i’ve searched, there isn’t a way getting preset’s like the ue4 in ue5
So basically you will need to rig the character on your own

i guess you can get some basic knowledge looking at the ue4 manny to ue5 manny retargeter which Unreal Engine provides

Well similar is not same, so it is possible to make blueprints for each type