Returns to entry point after Playing Animation Montage

I’m trying to implement a sword strike animation for my 3rd person character. The sequence of states in my state machine go as follows: Entry Point>>>“Idle/Run”>>>“SwordDraw”>>>“SwordDrawedIdle/Run”.

I’ve been trying to use an animation montage to activate the sword strike in my ThirdpersoncharacterBP, however I noticed that every time the montage ends, my characters animation starts back at the entry point in the animBP.

And since I have already granted access to “SwordDraw” State, the character appears to draw his sword out every time the strike montage ends.(Skipping Over the Normal “IdleRun” State clearly as it already has the key to leave it by the time it gets there.)

What I want is for the character to return to the “SwordDrawedIdle/Run” State given he obviously has already drawed his sword once and doesn’t need to do it again until after he’s chambered it.

Anyways let me know If I need to clarify the situation. I’m an amateur. Thanks for all the help.