Retroactively excluding folders from Perforce?


When I set up a our perforce on AWS (my first time doing so) I uploaded all the folders in the project directory. It seems that I was supposed to exclude some folders from source control and we think this could be one of the reasons we’re getting permissions errors when we try to do builds. I’ve since tried to retroactively exclude the folders by adding a .p4ignore.txt file and using the P4IGNORE environment variable before getting latest (which I expected to remove the excluded folders from the depot on the server) but nothing seems to have happened.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

My .p4ignore.txt file has the following written inside it:

# Ignore .p4ignore files

# Ignore files by type using ext and wildcards

#Ignore directories by name


I’ve added it to the main project directory above the engine and game project folders. I’ve also run the p4 set P4IGNORE = .p4ignore.txt command in the command prompt.

Just manually delete folders from the depot. Use “Mark For Deletion”. Then rebuild the project.

That’s all I needed to read (we’re all good now). Thanks so much! :slight_smile: