Retrieving concluded Lightmaps after Engine crash

I couldn’t find a more suitable section to post this, so I’m posting here, please redirect to where you see fit:

So I was building lightmaps, and I noticed Unreal Engine wasn’t responding halfway through the process. However, I saw Swarm Agent was still working, so I let it reach 100% and supposedly finish the job, while keeping an eye on the task manager to see if the CPU/Memory usage were updating accordingly. However, the job got finished, CPU/Memory usage dropped back to low values, indicating that the lightmaps would’ve been finished, but Unreal Engine is still not responding. I opened a second Engine to reopen my project and see if the lightmaps would be there, but they are not.

Shouldn’t there be a way of retrieving these lightmaps that Swarm apparently finished even if the engine is acting up on us? If so, how? I can’t find this information anywhere.


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