Retarting from entry point


So I’ve come across a bit of a dilemma with my animation blueprints. I don’t know how to restart a state machine from it’s entry point.

Lets say I have two animation state machines (“A”, “B”) they are connected with a Blend by Boolean node with 0.0 second transitions. Each state machine has two states, an Idle and an Idle out. The Idle out plays when a flag is true. If I am in state “A” and play the transition animation that is made to get out of “A” that works. I get out of “A” and at the end of the animation the “Blend by Boolean” moves me into state “B”. OK, so that works. But when I transition back to state “A” it’s stuck in the transition animation because that was the last animation played. If the state is not being used I would expect when I transition back to state “A” it would start from the entry point again.

Any ideas?