Retargeting: Animation is Seamlessly Duplicated, but Shrunken

Hiya! I try to keep my “I have a problem” posts to a minimum, but sometimes I just get stuck. Sorry.

I’ve been working through the transition from Blender to UE4 for about two months now and it appears I still have some things to learn. I made two character meshes + animation sets in Blender and imported them successfully into UE4, and when used distinct from one another they work fine.

The problem is I want to take an animation from Character A and retarget it to Character B. Both are linked up to the humanoid skeleton – and both were built from the same base mesh anyway, so there shouldn’t be an issue. Except when I retarget CharA’s animation to CharB, the whole mesh is shrunk down to about a tenth of its natural size. Zooming in I can see the animation itself is playing identically. (More or less.)

For testing purposes I took an animation from CharB and retargeted it to CharA, and sure enough, the opposite happens and CharA is stretched out to ten times its natural size.

So, uh, I dunno. I would have thought there would be little room for error in this case. Any suggestions?

Watch out for setup world to metric 0.01 in Blender before export. Export with 1.0 (export menue).
I bet there is a difference between your exported models.

Hmm . . . no, that wasn’t it. I went and reimported both from Blender, each with identical settings and sizes, and the problem persists. As a test, also I tried retargeting the standard ThirdPersonCharacter animations to the characters, and the same thing happens. So there’s definitely something iffy about my meshes – but I really don’t know what.

Had a problem with this yesterday…meshes I was exporting were TINY… and read somewhere that, in the tab that appears after you select “export .fbx”, you’re supposed to change the scale value to 100. I did that and the meshes looked normal once exported. Hope that helps.
(Note: I’m a total noob, just relaying info from another thread that I read when I had the same problem. Apologies in advance.)

I’m a noob too. Noobs unite!

And thank you for the advice. Weirdly enough, this worked. I don’t really understand why, but it did.