Retarget spine twisted problem

I retargeted my character and for some reason one of the spine bones gets twisted. Any thoughts?

Im using 3DS Max, CAT system.

I’m not sure about Max, but if this were a Maya issue I’d make sure the initial rotations were reset to zero and delete the “history” of the rotations. As a workaround, you can reset this rotation of that particular spine by following the instructions on how to retarget the base pose at the bottom of the following documentation page:

Its odd because I even tried to create a new CAT skeleton and still I’m having the same issue with that spine bone.

Have you tried adjusting the base pose following the instructions I linked? Just curious if that would work as a fix. I do not know off hand what would be causing an issue with that one spine bone.

I tried rotating the spine 180 degrees and saving the base pose, so that when the animations played it might correct the twist, but that didn’t seem to work either.

Well I re-built the base skeleton in Max 2015 with service pack 2 and it seems to be working fine now. Maybe it was a 2014 issue, either with the program or the FBX plugin…