Restart Game Issue

I’m developing an indie game, an enigma game like Myst with lower quality for sure.

I’m quite sure that the issue I’ll discribe after is happening only once I moved to UE4.26. Unfortunately I cannot retest previous versions.

The issue I’ve is that saving and loading of game (6 slots possible) is happening via a widget that is also including the inventory, dressing, etc. and therefore in the game persistent level.

The problem I’ve is that when I want to load a game, this is launching the Restart Game node of the Gamemode BP.
Everything is ok, status is correctly loaded, variables ok too, but I cannot move anymore freely. I can turn, but moving forward and backward is constrained on a line, even if my point of view is in a different direction.

Making some debug, I see that the custom player controller is not reading the rotation of the player, and this is the reason why the player seems to rotate, but in reality not. So rotation is always the same, independenlty by the fact that the player is pointing in another direction.

Difficult to explain, but if anybody else is having the same issues, I’m really curious to see if this is a bug of 4.26 or I did something wrong.

As I said at the beginning, I’m quite sure that with older engine version (4.25), this was working perfectly.

Tks for any helps…