Responsiveness to Bugs

I’m feeling like the response to bugs needs improvement. Last week I raised two bugs relating to Sequencers behaviour in level instances. It looses object binding which you can work around by overriding the binding but worse when the sequencer run it uses word co-ordinates rather than instance level co-ordinates. Having originally posted on the AnswerHub I was pointed at the new bug submission form I dutifully filled in in and provided my email.

There is no feedback or reference number given when you submit the form. I’ve had no contact via email and the bugs are not listed on the issues list. So it feels like they just disappeared in to a black hole. These a show stopper bugs for me and the failure to respond means I’ve had to stop work. If they are not going to get fixed I may have to do a complete redesign.Hence I need a lot more feedback on the status.

What is other peoples experience of this?