Resources of Realistic Weapon Qualities? Can't Find Anything Comprehensive

Hello all

I’ve searching endlessly for several days now for any kind of list/chart/database/etc. of various qualities of real world firearms. Things like impact power, drop off rate and velocity, jamming probability, recoil, accuracy without attachments, and other things in the same vein.

I’ve found a few pieces of info. But only for the most common of firearms like the M9, Glock 18, Colt M1911, M16, G36, etc.

Has anybody had better luck in finding something a bit more all-encompassing?

Any help would be genuinely appreciated!

There isn’t really a be all and end all, as there are just so many different kinds.
You’re better off looking into the math instead, which you can then roughly apply to any firearm for a “realistic enough” out come.
That’s what I’ve been doing :slight_smile:

There is always GURPS I suppose.